Wood Canvas Floater Frames

Wood Canvas Floaters

Our Best Selling Canvas Frames

Let your work be viewed in ultimate style with customizable wood canvas frames from Pictureframes.com. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, our wood canvas floater frames let you display your favorite artwork and prints the same way a professional gallery would.

Choose Wood Floater Frames to Add Depth to Artwork

Give an attractive layer of depth to artwork with custom wood floater frames that make your work appear to "float" inside the frame! Choose a look that complements the colors in your art while creating the illusion of a floating canvas. Floating wood frames are available in common and custom sizes, making it easy to showcase your prized work while adding an element of distinction.

Bring Your Art to Life in Wooden Floater Frames

For a dramatic touch, look for wood canvas frames with bold colors like black with gold or elegant walnut. Searching for more of a classic look? Our wooden frames for canvas featuring traditional white, silver leaf, or deep cherry colors offer the perfect fit.

Bring your vision to life with the large and small wood frames and even custom wood floater frames at Pictureframes.com.