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Plein Air Frame Collections

Chosen by Professionals

Classic and timeless, our signature Plein Air frames are a go-to collection that never goes out of style. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood, these reliable frames are available in rustic to elegant profiles, finished with a touch of classic detail.

Gold Plein Air Frame in Contemporary Living Room
Wide Best Selling Plein Air Frames

Plein Air Premier

This best-selling, premium collection of plein air frames defines luxury. Natural wood, these picture frames featured your choice of a wide, luminous panel profile or a stately, curvaceous crown profile.

Open Back Traditional Plein Air Frames

Plein Air Traditions

These handcrafted wood picture frames are classic and distinctive. Their genuine wood grain, weathered detailing and your choice of metal leaf finish make them ideal for art of all kinds.

Wide Artist Favorite Plein Air Open Back Frames

Plein Air Gallery

This collection of distinguished, handcrafted, natural wood frames is an art lover’s dream. With a classic wide-panel profile and refined details, these mouldings are a cut above the rest.

Great Value Open Back Plein Air Frames

Plein Air Economy

A classic collection of plein air frames in rich, warm finishes. These budget-friendly, gallery-ready frames are perfect for a world of art and photography.

What is Plein Air Art?

Spiking in popularity during the French Impressionist era, en plein air painting and drawing is the practice of going outside (in plain air) and using the natural landscape to inspire the artwork. Famous practitioners include Claude Monet, Pierre-August Renoir, Edgar Payne, and John Singer Sargent. Artists take their easels, canvases, and palettes to their favorite spots and paint elements from their surroundings—including man-made features. From vast, cloudy skies and lush, scenic landscapes, to lilies floating in a pond or ships in a harbor, anything that leaves an impression is a possibility with en plein air art.

Plein Air Frames Gallery Inspiration

Your art is anything but plain in these plein air frames. Check out the custom plein air frames our customers have created!

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So, What’s a Plein Air Frame?

A plein air frame is a piece of art itself, designed to help showcase your masterpieces. Plein air frames for outdoor scenes complement and enhance but do not overshadow the artwork or photography. Our carefully curated selection features plein air painting frames in a variety of styles to suit the subject of the individual piece of art.
For example, some rustic-style landscape picture frames from our Traditions collection boast genuine wood and weathered detailing perfect for accompanying works of western and desert scenes. Frames with elegant mouldings and profiles from our Premier and Gallery lines make every piece look ready for display in a prestigious museum. For a quality aesthetic minus the giant price tag, Economy plein air frames deliver distinct style.

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What to Display in a Plein Air Frame?

Because of their understated elegance, plein air frames can accentuate a work of art’s best attributes without distracting a viewer’s attention. Use a plein air picture frame for:

  • Paintings highlighting iconic landscapes and natural scenes from the American West and beyond.
  • Family photos to celebrate birthdays, graduations, weddings, and other special occasions
  • A personal painting of a beloved pet or other work you’re proud to display.
  • A replica of your favorite artist’s masterpiece

Shop our vast plein air collections for portrait and landscape picture frames to suit your needs.

Custom Plein Air Frame Choices

Custom-made landscape frames and portrait outdoor frames can help you find just the right display for your plein air masterpieces. Creating custom plein air frames has never been easier with a wide variety of style choices and the ability to specify the height and width that suit your needs up to an 1/8". Select the exact dimensions that you need to frame your photograph or artwork perfectly. You can also select mats or liners and your choice of acrylic front and backing to keep each piece displayed prominently and proudly.

Find a beautiful selection of quality plein air style frames here today