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26 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration From Home

Apr 27, 2020

26 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration From Home

April 27, 2020 / Learn, Create, DIY,

Everybody has different muses for their creativity. But with many of us holed up in our homes right now, it sure can feel like those muses are practicing physical distancing too. So how can we access them when we feel stuck in one spot, deprived of creative inspiration?

Enter the internet. Yes, the practice of social distancing can be tough sometimes, but I'm at least thankful that we didn't have to do this 20 years ago with only dial up internet and that snake game on our Nokia phones for entertainment.

Now we literally have the world at our fingertips and can virtually connect with our Muses, without even having to use Zoom. Here are 26 ideas to help stoke your creative fires.

Hilarious Painting Recreations and Updates

Recreation of Famous Art

You know, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that's true, then these folks must be enormous fans of classical art. They dig through their closets and junk drawers to make beautifully awkward renditions of famous paintings. Add in a couple hilarious photoshopping examples, and you've got all you need to give your creative funny bone abuzz.

See these impressive and LOL-Inducting Classic Art Recreations and try to make your own.

Want to team build with coworkers? Trade recreations with them like these coworkers did.

You may ask “Why add Mr. Bean to classic art?” This Artist used his photoshop skills to ask, “Why not?!”

Or perhaps you're an animal lover and simply must have them in your fine art – here's your inspiration.

Keep your hands busy (so they don't touch your face) and follow this German Artist's lead of weaving pop culture into famous art.

Virtual Tours of Like, Everywhere

Virtual Tours of Art Museums

The days of Star Trek style transporters may be a long way off, but you can still travel the universe from your couch. That's right. Beam away to see the world's art museums, national parks and even Mars. And you don't even have to wear those space uniforms. I did it wearing sweatpants! To be sure, there's a place that will inspire you.

Thanks to Google Arts and Culture you can get artistic inspiration from literally Thousands of Art Museums

If you're looking to the greatest Artists as your muse,tour this Andy Warhol Exhibit.

Or this exhibit on the beautiful and iconic Frida Kahlo.

Mother Nature knows a thing or two about inspiring people. Go on a tour of Yellowstone National Park.

Or watch your jaw drop at the sprawling landscapes of Yosemite National Park.

See what the sea is up to with a tour of the National Aquarium.

Tired of staring at your walls? See the biggest one of them all and tour the Great Wall of China.

And if you're looking to traverse the final frontier, Google and NASA will take you to Mars.

When the kids need a little inspiration for craft time, why not take them to LEGOland?

Or you know, how about the happiest place on earth - Disney World?

Arts and Crafts Time!

Family Drawing Together

Ain't it great how good ol' arts and crafts time never fails us? Ever since those days of glue paste and glitter in grade school, making crafts is a staple we can always go back to for creative fun no matter what. Need ideas? Look no further!

If you try nothing else on this list, make a drawing with Art for Kids Hub . It's an outstanding way for anyone of ANY age to draw something worth framing.

Learn how to draw comics and MAKE YOUR OWN with easy templates and worksheets from comic Artist Jarrett Lerner.

Make a happy little tree or a friendly cloud as you paint landscapes along with everybody's favorite art teacher Bob Ross.

Start Your Own Photography Series

Chalkboard Portrait

Chances are, you have a camera in your pocket. Why not start snapping? You don't need a super fancy professional camera to be a Pro Photographer, nor a studio to make a great photo series. You may just have the best subjects nearby.

Join in on a trend sweeping the country: The Front Porch Series invites you to take picture of your neighbors posed on their front porch.

And in case you didn't already know - pets always make purrfect subjects for photos.

Don't have a backdrop? Draw one! Sidewalk chalk portraits are a great way to get adventurous at home.

Say It With Me: D-I-Y

Recreation of Famous Art

If you're a hands-on doer of all the things, you're probably always up for a project. But before you start demo on every room in your house while you're stuck there, here are a few easy ways to scratch the DIY project itch.

Let focus that DIY energy on a single space. Here are some projects to make your bedroom your ultimate happy place.

Want to make a frame your own? Follow along with us as we make picture frame decoration a cinch!

That blank wall that's been staring back at you this whole time? Make it a gallery wall with these essential tips on how to do that.

And how about we use our DIY powers for the greater good? Sew some DIY face masks for friends and neighbors with this easy how to.

Lastly, we have a whole list of DIY projects to check out in this here Inspire Me blog. Make your own chalkboard tray from picture frames, add some greenery to your space with a framed succulent planter , find out how to frame a puzzle you just finished and SO much more.

Once you and your muse become BFFs again, we'd love to see what creative projects you come up with! Tag us on social media with the hashtag #framingjoy and we'll give you a (virtual) high five.

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