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Elevate Your Drone Photography: Turning Captured Moments into Stunning Wall Art

Jun 15, 2023

Elevate Your Drone Photography: Turning Captured Moments into Stunning Wall Art

June 15, 2023 / Buzz, Learn,

Photographer Flying Drone

In today's tech-savvy world, drones are revolutionizing the field of photography, offering hobbyists and photographers a remarkable opportunity to capture breathtaking images from unique vantage points. Whether you're an avid drone enthusiast or a photographer who is looking to explore this exciting realm, you'll not only uncover hidden perspectives but also a whole new world of possibilities to show off your art!

This post will guide you on capturing spectacular aerial shots and unveil to you how you can transform those captivating moments into stunning works of art, utilizing's print services, including print on canvas and acrylic. Additionally, we feature a selection of popular frames options designed to enhance the beauty of your stunning aerial photos.

Envision the Ideal Print Strategy for Your Shots

You'll see later, just how to use your drone to its fullest capabilities, but first we will explore, how we can help you go from raw photos to dynamic framed art, for any décor, gift or occasion. Delve into the process of transforming your digital drone photography into tangible art pieces with printing services that can elevate your images by printing on options such as wood, canvas and high-quality acrylic.

Selecting the Perfect Medium
Choosing how you want to print your shots, doesn't have to be a mind-boggling task! Printing on any variety of our 10 high-quality paper choices, is a sure winner, adding depth, crisp and artistic flair to any print of your choice. Ranging from Premium Luster Photo, to Artistic Watercolor, printing on paper is a solid choice to get your pics from SD card to your living room walls.

Printing on Metal
Get to know the awe-inspiring transformation of your photos, when printed on metal, as they come to life with vibrant and luminescent colors sure to captivate your senses. Contemporary frameless metal prints not only showcase your images but also add depth, creating a mesmerizing effect that seems to magically infuse them with light. Bonus: metal prints last a lifetime!

Classic Canvas
You will proudly display your drone photography shots in your home or office, with premium custom canvas prints. Our range of glare-free canvases are designed to protect your framed canvas photos from sun damage. Choose from our custom canvas depths, including ¾” – an ideal choice for a wide range of frames, and 2” to create the most impactful display possible.

How About Frame Choices

Drone Photography of City at Night
(Frame in picture: Wood Canvas Floater Collection CFL9)
Drone Photography of City at Night
(Frame in picture: Frame MLCF04, Black)

A warm, white sand beach, paired with cool, turquoise ocean water photo, would pop with a natural wood canvas floater frame or any of our wood grain frames. There is no limit to the possibilities of showcasing your photo magic, with any frame of your choosing, however matching a frame to any element in the photo is your best bet for high impact. For instance, an aerial shot of a city with black and dark colored buildings, will be best suited with a black frame, or Plein Air, where simplicity is key! Similarly, an aerial coastline of any destination, with some pops of white, will surely transform to excellence with a white or gold frame! Truly, the sky's the limit here!

Getting to Know Your Drone

Drone Photography of Fields

Drones may initially seem like fun toys, but they are sophisticated flying machines offering limitless possibilities for your aerial shots. Getting to know the intricacies of throttle, yaw, roll and pitch as well as optimal flight modes for different environmental conditions, is key to getting ‘the shot' worthy of your walls.

In this section, we will highlight everything you need to know, in order to get familiar with your machine. Once you are handy with it and feel comfortable, the possibilities of getting the shots you want are endless.

  • Mastering Flight Controls: Get familiar with the terms throttle, yaw, roll and pitch as they are the key flight controls that empower you to maneuver your drone with precision!

  • Remember these shortcuts:
    • Throttle- altitude
    • Yaw – rotation or orientation
    • Roll and Pitch – horizontal movement

  • Optimizing Flight Modes: Different flight modes cater to specific shooting scenarios, enabling you to dictate your drone's behavior. These three flight modes are for various conditions and once you get familiar, you'll be able to achieve remarkable shots.
    • GPS Mode- Ideal for beginners, this mode utilizes GPS technology to maintain stability and control to ensure steady shots.
    • Sports Mode- Got your bearings already in GPS mode? Sports Mode unlocks the drone's full potential with dynamic, fast-paced maneuvers.
    • Follow Me Mode –This mode allows your drone to track and follow a target! Queuing up a new dance on the beach with friends? This is your mode to capture the details of those one-of-a-kind moments.

Also, read the manual front to back and don't be afraid to experiment with your drone. Crashes are going to happen, so don't be afraid to try things. Drones are built for the occasional bumps. And take your battery warning seriously. Though your drone will likely have a safe landing feature built in, if you don't want to go searching for your drone in someone's back yard, don't send it hundreds of yards away just as your battery warning starts to ping.

Unleashing Your Aerial Photography Skills

Drone Photography of Sheep Herd

Congratulations on getting your drone airborne! Welcome to the exciting world of aerial photography, where you can elevate your tried-and-true photography skills, to approach lighting, composition, angles and storytelling with new eyes. Don't reinvent the wheel. Just imagine that you are up there in the sky, standing behind the camera of this little bug flying above the land.

The best pictures tell a story. Yes, there's a boat load of cool factor in taking photos hundreds of feet in the sky, but it can easily get reduced to a gimmick. A great setting may help you find a breathtaking shot, but telling a story with each photo can turn even a drab location into an enthralling masterpiece.

Make the Most of Your Megapixels

Unless you're spending the big bucks, the sensor on your drone's camera will likely be around 1/ 2.3 with 12 megapixels. That's pretty good but isn't exactly high end. Know that going in and be prepared to compensate for the best quality. There's no one set up that will work for every scenario, but there are a few general settings to get you started capturing framed-on-your-wall spectacles.

Drone Photography of Landscape and Cathedral Drone Photography of Landscape and Cathedral
  • Keep your ISO low to reduce noise.
  • Shoot in RAW format for more post-processing versatility.
  • Try different filters: Polarizers, UV or ND Filters.
  • Focus on composition. Ultimately that's what matters most.

Drones have unlocked a whole new world of possibilities (no magic carpet included) for photographers, enabling them to capture captivating aerial shots that were once imaginable. As you embark on your drone photography journey, remember to embrace the unique points-of-view drones offer, master the art of composition, and adhere to all safety guidelines. Moreover, take advantage of our specialized picture frame services, including canvas and acrylic printing, to transform your remarkable moments into stunning works of art. Embrace the skies, capture extraordinary vistas, and let us help you showcase your art in a truly remarkable way!

It's hard to resist a good drone photo. So, we'd love to see yours. Once you've made your landing and processed your shoot, post them on social with the tag #framingjoy and we'll be able to fly away with you.

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