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How to Capture the Perfect Sunset and Frame it

Jan 20, 2023

How to Capture the Perfect Sunset and Frame it

January 20, 2023 / Decorate, Create

It's a beauty powerful enough to drag you out of bed before dawn. It inspired you to climb a mountain. It accompanied you at the end of your best beach day. It's that magical moment when the sun peeks up over the horizon to start a new day or sinks beyond the sea to sleep. When the sky is momentarily filled with breathtaking reds, yellows, pinks and purples. We are enamored by sunset and sunrise. Time stands still for a split second as you stop everything to take it the fleeting beauty of it all.

And every once in awhile, you're lucky enough to capture the majesty of that perfect sunrise or sunset on film.

Now, we love nothing more than snapping up the magic hour for posterity and we've learned a thing or two about preserving its beauty for all to enjoy. Check out our quick tips on bringing out the best in your images.

Early Bird Gets the Shot

For sunrise, get out there early! You never really know when the most captivating light is going to emerge, but we can tell you that it'll happen in a one-minute window, so err on the side of early bird special.

Pro Photographer Taking Picture at Beach Sunset

For sunset? Linger. Sometimes the best light happens after the sun has completely disappeared. And you don't want to be enjoying it in your rearview mirror. Ouch.

Be Left of Center

Symmetry is overrated. Frame your shot with the horizon line leaning diagonally toward the top or bottom of the image for a little extra allure and intrigue.

Sunset over Water


What have you got to lose, right?

Look for silhouettes: trees, flowers, farm equipment, hay bails, lifeguard stand, anything! Capturing the moment with a friend? Feature them as a silhouette against the rising or setting sun for sunset pics that really pack a punch.

Sunset on the Beach Photo

Play with flash: you might illuminate something totally unexpected. Just be sure your shutter speed isn't faster than your camera's rated flash sync speed. It might refuse to fire or black out part of your image. No bueno!

Snap, Snap, and Snap Again

When it comes to snapping the shutter, don't be shy. More is more when it comes to choices and you can always pick your favorite later, when you're not racing against the clock. You'll be glad you had so many angles and options to choose from.

Bask in Your Sunset Forever

Got the money shot? Time to preserve it. Head on over to Print & Frame. Then, work some magic with your masterpiece snap. Simply upload your image, pick your paper, mat and picture frame.

Tips for choosing the perfect frame:

To give your sunset room to breathe and space to shine, go with something simple. A sleek, black picture frame with a white mat perhaps. You want the picture frame to highlight the beauty of the work, not compete with it.

Sunset Photos Printed and Framed in Lobby
Photo by @sibling_chic on Instagram

If you have a purist vision in mind, choose a floater on canvas. Floater picture frames give your pic the illusion of floating inside the frame, without touching, to create super cool visual detail, along with a sense of 3-D depth.

Coastal Photo Custom Framed in Black Wood Frames Above Couch
Shared by Glenn N. on our website, featuring our CF5 Black Floater Frame

Want a warm, organic feel? Consider a wood-tone picture frame to enhance the natural hues of your sunset. Whatever you choose, the goal is to compliment, not distract.

Sunset over Mountains Framed in Brown Expresso Wood Frame

Excited to add a little sunshine to your decor? Just sit back, relax and wait for your favorite sunset to arrive!

Then show us the love! Share your new wall art of a gorgeous moment well captured using #FramingJoy on social media.

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