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How to Decorate with Botanicals

Aug 16, 2018

Trend Alert: How To Decorate with Botanicals

August 16, 2018 / Decorate, Learn

Décor styles, trends and techniques are always changing throughout history. And while I'm no historian, I'm willing to bet that if you took a time machine back through the centuries, the one item you'd find present in almost every decorated space would be botanicals. Yes, even Cavemen and Cleopatra probably used some greenery to liven up their homes. That's because from day one, nature has never ceased to amaze.

If you're looking to add some natural style to your space, you don't have to go all green either. Botanicals are quite complex, and provide a wide range of colors, shapes and patterns to match any style. They connect us to our roots and can turn any room into an enchanting earthy abode. Here's a variety of ways you can decorate with botanicals.

Petal to the Metal

Flower Photo with White Mat and Orange Picture Frame

Is there a more dynamically beautiful thing in all of nature than the flower? Seriously, there's a reason we give them out in bunches to loved ones. Greeting cards ain't got nothin' on some fresh tulips. So why not look to that humble, crowning jewel of earth when you want to bring botanicals into your space?

Flower petals provide a plethora of color options. You can go delicate pastel or rosy red, ivory white or gleaming yellow. You can even use real petals in a shadowbox frame to preserve a piece of that natural beauty on your wall or shelf. For a magnificently modern look, try a sleek metal frame in a bold floral color. It will beam off your wall as brightly as a petunia in the summer sun.

Wood That You Could

Plant Illustrations Printed on Wood

If there's one thing to know about decorating with botanicals, it's that you don't have to gussy up Mother Nature. She does just fine on her own, thanks. So, if you're looking for the purest designs she has to offer, you absolutely need some wood grain in your life. All-natural woods, especially lighter woods like maple, show off some spectacular and totally unique patterns in the grain. Printing photos on wood allows that grain to show through areas with lighter ink, giving you a truly one-of-a-kind piece for your space.

Wood also makes for great supporting pieces in your space by working as an alternative neutral to gray or white. Speckling your room with greenery and surrounding it with light wood frames or accent pieces is a timeless way to create a clean, outdoorsy vibe. And if you want to get more rustic, barnwood is the way to go. Pick up a few upcycled pieces like one of our reclaimed barnwood frames, and you'll instantly give any room a down-to-earth upgrade.

Plant Yourself

Plant Art in Black Modern Frames

You might take one look at a plant-heavy space and let out an “ugh” thinking about the watering and upkeep. No one would blame you. Fear not, however, because incorporating plants into your décor can be as easy as it is pleasant. Use of greenery is a lush, modern décor trend with an enduring quality that reconnects us to our earthy roots. Simply adding a couple pots of plant life from tropical leaves to succulents can immediately change the feel of your room. But great plant décor goes beyond that and encompasses both modern décor and classic design.

To go modern, greenery serves as the perfect complement to colors like gray, white and/or taupe. For the classic look, plant-centric patterns on fabrics and walls or in framed prints will bring a more traditional botanical beauty to your space. And if you're like me and terrible at keeping plants alive (seriously, it's really okay!) then pictures of plant life throughout your space will achieve a similar, outdoorsy feel. Letting in a little natural light will also give an extra, earthy touch and brighten up both the room and your smile

BIG Macro

Macro Flower Photos Printed on Acrylic

Remember the old days of playing in the dirt and digging up fascinating little treasures you didn't know were beneath your feet? It's easy to forget that when nature gets a close up, it's quite something to behold. Thanks to the awesomeness of technology, we can now see the fine details hidden in the earth without getting the knees of our jeans dirty. What's more, it makes for exquisite décor.

Large, zoomed-in macro botanical prints are an ideal way to give your space a natural motif. The geometrical shapes inherent in plant life can enhance both modern and traditional styles. A large acrylic print of the sharp lines in a colorful leaf in the center of your wall for a head-turning focal piece. A painting of the swirling shapes of a gnarly tree branch can easily compliment the earthy tones of darker rooms. Get up close and personal with Mother Nature and she'll never let you down.

Black and White

Black and White Sunset Photo Printed and Framed with White Mat and Black Frame

Sometimes there's a quiet stillness to nature. You find it on sleepy mornings and rainy afternoons. It's hard to capture in a picture or on a canvas, but black and white photography sure does a good job of evoking that feeling. And that stark contrast of black to white is what you find most prevalent in modern gallery style décor.

If you're all about this design style, you can still have a botanical-centric space. Accentuate your room with high definition acrylic prints that let you dive deep into the shadows of large trees. Hang some sleek canvas floater frames around inky ocean photos on canvas. Put an outdoor portrait inside a bright white plein air frame. When upscale décor meets botanicals, it makes for a surprisingly delightful ambience.

Fired up about getting down to earth? Already diving into nature's plethora of beauty? Well then, we'd love to get some earthy vibes from your space. Show us your botanical themed framing presentations and décor by tagging us on social media with #framingjoy !

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