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What are Canvas Floater Frames & What Makes Them so Magical?

May 2, 2022

What are Canvas Floating Frames & Why are They So Magical?

May 02, 2022 / Decorate, Learn

A step apart from the classic picture frame, Canvas Floating Frames add a distinctive touch of depth and intrigue to prints and paintings on canvas. Used by professionals around the globe, this style offers a gallery-like aesthetic, enhancing and elevating a piece of art’s presentation. You’ll find them anywhere from fine exhibitions to museums to living rooms; this style is both luxurious and affordable.

So what exactly is a canvas floating frame, and when and how should we use them? Read on for all you need to know to get started!

What is a Canvas Floater Frame?

Canvases in Gold Canvas Floater Frames

Ideal for prints or paintings made on canvas, as in its name, a floating frame creates a “floating” effect on the art that’s inside. That is, the canvas appears suspended within the frame without touching any of the sides, adding a dimensional effect with visual impact.

When Should I Use a Floating Frame?

Canvas Painting in White Floater Frame

These picture frames are an especially desirable option for when you’re seeking a modern look, an upscale presentation, and/or a museum-like effect. They’re especially great for canvases whose art wraps around the sides, as the extra space allows for viewing the entire thing, sides and all – whether that’s an extension of the image or texture on your canvas. Overall, they’re a great way to elevate the feel of both the canvas art and the space around it.

How Do I Choose My Floating Frame?

Black and White Abstract Painting in White Canvas Frame

Floater frames are widely available in both wood and metal, so style options are plentiful. Whether it’s a natural wood style, eco-friendly barnwood, or modern metal, you’re sure to find a frame that matches your art’s splendor. As with a regular picture frame, choosing a material that matches the idea of the art (wood for landscapes or nature, metal for modern or minimalistic) plus a thoughtful color – if even just a hint – that you want to highlight may be the ticket. Whatever vibes with you and your décor!

When picking a size, it’s best to measure from the corners for accuracy, as the canvases can warp slightly. As far as spacing, most of our frames can be adjusted to a variety of floating widths, up to 1 ½” – just be sure to check the description.

How Do I Assemble My Floating Frame?

Canvas Photo Print in Grey Canvas Frame

Your frame arrives complete with hanging hardware. Attaching & assembly are pretty straightforward and can be done in just 5 steps! Here’s how to assemble a wood floating frame:

  • Lay the stretched canvas face-down, then the frame overtop.
  • Position the offset clips so that they’re touching both the frame and the wood stretcher of the canvas, at least one clip per side (4 total).
  • Insert a screw through the hole and tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Place hangers a third of the way from the top of the frame, and secure with screws.
  • Thread the hanging wire through each hanger, knot, and twist the remaining wire to secure.

How to assemble a metal canvas floater frame:

  • Insert 2 angles (included) into each end of the hardware track in the bottom frame section, facing each other. Slide both frame sides onto the exposed angles and lightly tighten screws.
  • Insert remaining angles into each end of the top of frame and lightly tighten screws
  • Insert assembled top section into the frame’s open hardware track and tighten screws, aligning corners.
  • Place stretched canvas face-down and lay fully assembled frame face-down over canvas; fasten canvas to floater frame with enclosed screws (at least 1 screw per side).
  • Thread hanging wire through each hanger, tighten screw to lock in place, and twist remaining wire to secure.
Moon Art in Gold Canvas Frame

Voilà! Your masterpiece is ready to hang. No glass or acrylic front is needed, but keep in mind that a layer of varnish will keep your prints on canvas protected. Each of ours comes with a protective coat of fixative to keep it sound.

And there you have it – the mystery of floating frames, revealed. What canvas floater frame projects will you be working on? Tag us on your project on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #framingjoy and we just may feature yours! Happy floating!

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