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What are Canvas Floater Frames and What Makes Them So Magical?

October 30, 2018 / Decorate, Learn

Step right up, folks, and prepare to be amazed and inspired by the showstopping, eye-popping, jaw-dropping magic that is the canvas floater frame. These beauties go against the very forces of nature to give your art a mind-bending, gravity-defying presentation. Put simply, these are modern marvels with a timeless quality that you will find in galleries all over the world.

But I’m not here to just pull rabbits out of hats. I’m pulling back the curtain. That’s right, it’s time to reveal the real story behind this wild and wonderful wizardry. Here, before your very eyes, lies the not-so-secret truth of what makes canvas floater picture frames so AH-mazing.

What is a Canvas Floater Frame?

Canvases in Gold Canvas Floater Frames

Let’s talk about the coolest part of these frames: that whole floating thing. When presented in a floater frame, your canvas stands apart from the sides of the frame, giving the illusion that it’s hovering in place. Believe it or not, it’s no hocus pocus. The strange force at work here is good old-fashioned physics brought to you by properly placed clips in the back of the frame.

Once mounted, the canvas sits offset from the frame profile, giving your art or print a stage to shine in all its glory. It allows you to see the sides of the canvas, which is downright wonderful for Painters that cover the entire canvas. The squared profile creates a crisp, clean look that makes for an exhilarating display, and lets Creators of all kinds bring some abracadabra to their art.

Which Canvas Floater Should I Choose?

Canvas Painting in White Floater Frame

Are you an ultra-modern maven? A farmhouse fanatic? A classic connoisseur? Whatever style suits you, there is a canvas floater to match. Because while the presentation style might be new, the styles of floater frames vary greatly. There’s contemporary wood canvas floaters, sleek metal canvas floaters, even canvas floater frames made from real, reclaimed barnwood for that truly down-to-earth, upscale vibe.

This gives you the ability to presto change-o with any canvas print or painting. Need to frame a landscape painting? Find a floater frame with wood grain character to bring the outside in. Looking for a wedding portrait presentation? Print it on canvas and frame it with an elegant, ornate floater. With floater frames you possess the uncanny ability to transform for any space or creative project!

Are Canvas Floaters Fine Art Quality?

Black and White Abstract Painting in White Canvas Frame

Could a frame you’d hang in your space also be found in the top galleries all over the world? You better bibbidi bobbidi believe it. Absolutely every Artist, Photographer, Maker and Creator deserves fine art quality, and that’s exactly what you get from canvas floater frames. They are affordable luxuries that bewitch even the most trained eye.

From the finest showings in the art world to the centerpiece of your living room, canvas floaters are casting spells all around the globe. Why? Because some things never go out of style; like quality wood and metal frames, crisp frame profiles, and elegant wall décor choices. This popularity is quickly turning canvas floaters into a classic, fine art presentation style that can uplift any space.

Who Uses Canvas Floater Frames? Pros!

Canvas Photo Print in Grey Canvas Frame

You know, art is pretty magical in its own right. The creative process that turns the snap of a lens or a swipe of a brush into a masterpiece is nothing short of mystical. It’s no wonder that canvas floaters are a popular choice of Artists. There’s a reverence to the presentation. As if the frame is standing in awe of each enchanting creation as it stands apart from the canvas.

So, for that next photo you snap that simply must hang on your wall, try printing on canvas. You can turn wedding portraits, fine art photographs, and even family pictures into gallery-worthy showstoppers with a canvas floater frame. Your memories and mementos deserve to become masterpieces. Framed in a floater, they’ll be turning heads and hearts with wonderous awe for a long time to come.

Do You Need a Glass Front with Canvas Floaters?

Moon Art in Gold Canvas Frame

One last, amazing, awesome, astonishing fact about canvas floaters? They don’t need a glass or acrylic front to do their thing. Yep, these picture frames are wide open (sesame). A layer of varnish will keep your canvas painting protected, and if you print on canvas with us, each of our canvas prints has a protective coat of fixative to keep it safe and sound. It all helps keep your canvas the star of the show (a solo act, of course.)

Did you add some shazam! to your space? Is your canvas floating in the waves of wizardry that is a floater frame? We have absolutely got to see that. Post your new creation on social and tag us with #framingjoy and we’ll share your sorcery with our Creative Community!