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7 Awesome Geek Framing Ideas

May 3, 2023

7 Awesome Geek Framing Ideas

May 3, 2023 / Decorate, Create

"Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something... Being a geek is extremely liberating."
– Simon Pegg

A not so long time ago, in the very galaxy in which we live, you became a geek. That's right! You might not necessarily be a fan of tights, toys or treks across the stars, but the first time you loved something enough to celebrate it with abandon, you officially geeked out on it. How cool is that?

It's a great time to be a geek, as there are so many new, awesome, and even upscale ways to show off your unbridled affection. Geek chic, as it's called, is ever evolving. So if you're looking for wall décor ideas that will fit your style without sacrificing an ounce of your geekery – Don't Panic! We've got 7 print to frame ideas to show you, and when this blog post hits 88 miles per hour… you're going to have some serious fun.

Commanding Acrylic Prints

Startrek Enterprise Glossy Acrylic Print

Taking command of your space is the prime directive of any geek, and acrylic prints make it so. From the rich dark of the final frontier to the sprawling green of Middle Earth, acrylic prints make you feel like you could jump right into your favorite adventure. This is geek chic at warp nine. Set one of these as the central piece of your room and the sky's the limit for where you can transport your guests.

Movie Posters

Startrek Enterprise Glossy Acrylic Print

Remember those movie poster sales at college where you could cover your entire dorm room in movie magic for pocket change? Well, now it's time to take your poster game to infinity and beyond. With the right Frame, your printed movie poster becomes an undeniable badge of fandom you'll be as excited about as when you walked out of the theatre after the first viewing. Even better- rare movie prints, special edition posters, and lithographs go well past simple fan décor to become exquisite, highly valuable pieces for your space.

Fan Art

Dr. Who Fan Art Framed in Red Frame with White Mat

You may be thinking that you'd just as soon kiss a wookie than try to create a piece of art. But fan art comes in many forms and can be as elaborate as a cut paper shadowbox or as simple as hand drawn typographical quotes. You can even start with the frame for inspiration and upload a picture of your saved fan art for printing on paper or canvas. Maybe a Rustic Frame in blue will inspire you to get wibbly wobbly, timey wimey, or perhaps a Red Frame will ignite your creative fire for adventures from far, far away. It's all about creating a tribute to what you love most to bring joy and inspiration to your home!

Geeky Typography

Dr. Who Fan Art Framed in Red Frame with White Mat

Nothing flips the script (literally) quite like taking your favorite movie or TV quote and framing it with dynamically printed typography. A simple line or two can become a framed piece that speaks volumes, as great typography can dial up the emotion of the moment. Pairing the quote with a Black Frame, or Black and Gold Frame will be sure to complement while adding class to the piece. Whether you "aim to misbehave" like the rebel that you are, or seek inspiration from the words of wizards, superheroes or Doctors, framed typography serves as a great platform for both wit and wisdom.

AI is in the Air

Hunger Games Poster in Custom Wood Picture Frame

While you're showering uninhibited love upon heroes and distant galaxies, don't forget your significant other! If they geek out as much as you, well, then you've found a keeper. So, immortalize your love with a tribute to them by printing and framing their AI generated portrait. Your digital art prints wrapped in any Poster Frame or even more adventurous, Custom Metal Picture Frame will be sure to send their heart a pitter-patter.

Collector Posters

Hunger Games Poster in Custom Wood Picture Frame

Alright, this entry is for the serious geek collector. Adventure Comics, Batman No. 1, Amazing Fantasy No. 15 (featuring Spidey's debut) – any rare comic, first edition, or vintage print can often be the crowning jewel in any nerdy nook. Frame them with care by choosing archival mats and UV protective fronts for your framed presentation. Stick with a solid Black Frame or color to match the collection. This will keep them impressing your friends for years to come by properly preserving them from wear. In fact, we've got a whole blog on framing important documents if you're looking to obtain comic framing superpowers.

Framed Geekology Diploma

Star Fleet Diploma Framed

You may solemnly swear that you're up to no good, but how do you prove it? Why, by showing off your hard-earned Geekology diploma, of course! Whether your alma mater is Hogwarts or Starfleet Academy, you can't not show off your school pride. Document and Certificate Frames range from the modern and sleek, to the ornate and classy. Choose wisely, and your certificate will go far in your continuing mission to impress your friends.

Got that geek masterpiece hanging in your space? By Grabthar's hammer, we want to see it! Share it on social and alert us by using our own version of the Bat signal... the hashtag #framingjoy.

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