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How to Frame Your Pet Photos

Mar 8, 2023

How To Frame Your Pet Photos

March 8, 2023 / Decorate, Learn, Create

How do they do it? Somewhere along the way of digging holes in the garden, chewing up our shoes and jumping on the couch for the 95th time after we told them not to, our pets find their way into our hearts and become a member of our family.

Those fur babies are part of our family, and of course they deserve a special spot on our walls with our other kids and loved ones. So, if you're ready to fetch some looks for your adorable pet, here are some tips and tricks for howl, er… how to capture your pets best self, and display their adorableness in your home!

1. With our furry friends always on the move and likely getting into something, it's imperative that you consider timing when looking to photograph your pet. Making sure they have eaten, spent time outside or even got their daily exercise in beforehand, will ensure they are comfortable and relaxed. Once they are showing you they are at ease, you are guaranteed a much better photo fun session.

2. Pets are full of personality and getting that epic photo you dream to hang on your wall, demands you draw this dog-onality (or cat, bird or any number or pet friends of course) out of them. Having their favorite squeaky toy or stuffy in your hand, at the height of the camera or slightly higher, will ensure their attention is aligned right. Hold the stuffy, or better yet a tasty treat, and call their name. Their eye contact may go off momentarily, but it gives your furry pal a point of reference.

3. Your cameras' capabilities will largely influence the quality of photo your final product will be. If you are using an SLR or digital camera, and can adjust your Shutter Speed, raise that ‘puppy' up (pun fully intended). As our lovable pets are always on the go, a faster shutter speed will ensure you capture more detail and momentarily freeze their active selves. If you are inclined to using your phone, look at the camera settings such as iPhone has the ‘High-Key Light Mono' mode, which will turn your pet portrait into a beautiful black and white shot. Try using Portrait mode as well and adjusting the photo after in ‘edit' to get the effect you desire.

4. Lighting is crucial to capturing your fluffy pals, in their best light! If you are outdoors, never shoot in direct light, rather search out a spot that has indirect light. Placing them in front of a neutral-colored wall, or simple background will guarantee their lovable faces really pop!

5. Last but certainly not least, make sure to take a lot of shots! Giving yourself many photos to pick from, will greater your chances of getting the shot you envision to adorn your home walls.

Colorful Frames for Peppy Puppies

Brightly colored picture frames with dog photos

Oh, that boundless puppy energy. If you could bottle it up and sell it, you'd make a fine living. When it comes to dog picture frames, though, you can capture their bubbly personalities with some bright and beautiful looks. Colorful picture frames can give your walls the same pop your pup seems to have every second of the day.

You may not be able to contain all that tail-wagging intensity (who could?!), but with styles like our Custom Metal Frames in various fun colors, their infectious joy will jump off walls like they jump off the floor to greet you when you get home. And if your crazy canine is the outdoorsy type, try our Barnwood Frames or Rustic picture frames for for a homespun and rousing feel for their picture.

Ornate Frames for Regal Beagles

Ornate picture frame with dog in a field

Snuggling with your favorite furry friend is always a luxury worth savoring. Spread that love to your walls with affordable luxury at its finest. Ornate picture frames elevate your pet photos and paintings, making them look timeless with an antique touch. It's like doggy years – but for picture frames!

After all, we know they rule our households AND our hearts. Give them the royal treatment they deserve! Print their photo on a canvas and mount it in a canvas floater frame for an easy way to take them from ruff to regal and create a stylish piece to add to any space.

Fine Art Frames for Fab Labs

Fine art picture frames with painting of dog

Pet photos and paintings as a fine art? You bet your whiskers! Professional pet photography is a booming business, but you don't have to go Hollywood with your hound to create a gallery-worthy look with your pet. A black picture frame and crisp white mat is a classic choice for giving your favorite snap of your pet some fine-art glam.

Pro-Artist favorite plein air frames will also showcase your pet's loveable looks by setting their photo or painting apart with a wide profile. It's an un-fur-gettable option for dog picture frames (or any other pet pal) that you'd be just as proud to have in an art competition as you would on your walls.

Canvas Floater Frames for Modern Mutts

Canvas floater picture frame with art of husky dog

Looking for a modern, marvelous option for showing off your pet? Channel your inner Paw-casso and create an art piece on canvas. You can even get your pet in on the action by using their paw prints as your paint brush! We've got some easy DIY pet art ideas over at our Pinterest page to try, or you can make a canvas print of your photogenic furball.

Now it's time to get floating. Canvas floaters are the perfect choice for personalized pet picture frames that also look stunning in your space. Try a golden canvas floater for your golden retriever portrait, a barnwood canvas floater for your bold bulldog, or an Ornate Frame , for your posh poodle's most discerning taste.

Fine Art Prints for All Paw Prints

Acrylic fine art prints of funny cat

You might have noticed quite a few doggies in this article, but we certainly don't want to leave out the kitty kingdom! All these picture framing and printing options can work with any pet member of your family, but if you're looking for a unique approach, fine art prints are stunning, standalone options worthy of your feline friend.

Acrylic prints provide high definition and clarity for pet portraits or outdoor shots of your cat on the prowl. Metal prints are beautiful, durable, and perfect for brightly colored photos or art prints. Wood prints let the wood grain show through for earthy prints of your favorite nature shots or adventurous prints of your bubbly little bobcat.

Woof woof! That's doggy language for it's time to wrap this up. But don't Forget to tag us on social with your dog picture frames, acrylic paw prints or cool kitten collages with the hashtag #FramingJoy on your post.

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