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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got a question, then we've got an answer. Check out our FAQs below or Contact Customer Care and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

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Professional Artists & Photographers FAQs

Do you offer Pro Photographer and Pro Artist services?

As a company founded by artists, we proudly offer a wide array of professional services specifically designed for our professional clients. For more details, visit our Pro Artists or Pro Photographers pages or call a Pro Member Services Specialist 800-493-7263.

Can I use my own digital camera to convert my original artwork into a digital file?

It is possible, but most consumer digital cameras are not made to capture the intimate detail of brushstrokes and subtle color variations. We recommend having your work professionally scanned or photographed for the best results.

What does my photographer need to know before shooting my work?

For the best print, your image should be photographed with an even light over the surface without any reflections from the flash or strobe because they will show up in the print. If your photographer is creating a transparency, make sure they shoot a 4x5 inch transparency with gray scale and color card. If your photographer is creating a digital file, make sure the optical file size resolution is 300 dpi/ppi (dots per inch/pixels per inch).

What is the resolution of your printer?

We print at a resolution of 1440x720 pixels.

Can someone copy and reproduce my work when I upload images to

No. Your uploaded high-resolution images are maintained on our internal server which is firewall protected. The screen resolutions of all images on our site are deliberately too low for good print quality.

How do I copyright my work?

According to the Library of Congress, visual artwork is considered copyrighted the moment you create it. Your work is automatically protected by the law of the United States and no one else has permission to reprint or use your work for profit in any way without your permission. However, there are legal benefits to copyrighting your work. Visit for more information on copyrighting your art.