Frequently Asked Questions

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Hanging Framed Presentation on Wall

Framing FAQs

What is a rabbet?

We know you're thinking of a fluffy, long-eared animal that hops its way around when you see the word "rabbet," but one of those little cuties would be spelled "rabbit." When it comes to framing, a rabbet is the recess on the back inside edge of the frame into which your artwork fits. "Rabbet size" refers to the depth of this recess, and for most framing projects, any rabbet size is fine.

  • Custom Frames & Ready-Made Frames

    These frames have open rabbets, so they will work for almost any framing project.

    Wood Frame Rabbet
  • Metal Frames

    Most of our metal frames have enclosed rabbets. When you're framing a very thick piece - like a stretched canvas - in a metal frame, be sure to choose one with a rabbet that will accommodate the thickness of the piece.

    Metal Frame Rabbet
  • Canvas Floater Frames

    The depth of your canvas should closely match the depth of your canvas floater.

    Canvas Floater Frame Rabbet

What is an open back or ready-made frame?

An open back ready-made frame is a standard sized picture frame. When you order a ready-made frame from, you're saving money! That's because we've preassembled these frames to fit the most popular and frequently occurring sizes for artwork, photography and documents. At, these sizes include (in inches): If the artwork you are framing has different dimensions than those listed below, order a Custom-Made frame for the perfect fit!

4x6 5x7 8x10 8 1/2x11
9x12 8x12 12x24 16x20
11x14 12x16 12x18 18x24
14x18 20x24 20x30 22x28

Are your frames made in the USA?

We seek the finest quality materials and are proud that the vast majority of our frames are both sourced & made in the USA. 100% of our finishing - including matting, glazing & backing - is from USA sources and all finished products are assembled in the USA. We also use upcycled materials from USA sources wherever possible (ex: reclaimed fence board and barn wood found right here in the USA).

What is an upcycled wood fiber frame?

Upcycled Wood Fiber frames are an eco-friendly choice made from wood, otherwise destined to end up in a landfill, but transformed into something beautiful. They're made by breaking down scrap wood into fibers and combining with wax and resin. Upcycled Wood Fiber frames are incredibly warp-resistant and amazingly sturdy because they have no knots or grain like normal wood. If you love the characteristics of wood but are looking for a more budget-friendly price point, then Upcycled Wood Fiber is a great choice for your fine art paintings, photography and more.

How will my frame arrive? Do I have to assemble it?

Ready-Made and Custom-Made frames are typically shipped assembled with free hanging hardware. However, most metal frames will need to be assembled upon arrival. An easy assembly kit is included. All you need is a screwdriver.

How do I hang my frame?

All frames ship with free hanging hardware which includes D-rings and hanging wire. For larger frames we suggest hanging the frame directly from the included D-rings for stability.

Do you use an industry standard allowance for your frames?

To help your art, acrylic front and backing all fit securely inside the frame without being TOO tight, we typically allow for an extra 1/8th of an inch allowance. So, your frame will be just slightly larger than the image size you enter to hold everything properly.

How do I measure my artwork for framing?

Measure the exact width (w) and height (h) of the outside dimensions of the image or artwork in inches, and round down to the nearest 1/8th inch. For example, an image size of 9 3/16" x 11 9/16" will require a 9 1/8" x 11 1/2" frame. If you are planning to frame a canvas, measure from outside wrapped corner to outside wrapped corner.

Do the back of your frames come finished?

While we take great care to make sure each frame will look stunning on your wall, we do not finish the back of our frames. As such, you may occasionally see some rough, unfinished marks on the back of our handcrafted frames that include, but are not limited to, paint spots, scuffs, and measurement marks.

Do you pattern match on frame corners?

We do not pattern match on frame corners. This is an eco-conscious decision that helps significantly reduce waste and save cost for our Creative Community. If you are looking for a closed-corner frame, please take a look at our Ready-Made Frames Collections, or our Photo Frames Collections, each of which have frames with closed, matched corners and come in ready-made sizes only.

If you are looking for a custom sized frame with corners that match closely, consider our Studio Collection or Black Satin Collection.

For custom sized ornate frames that provide more closely matched patterns, try ornate frames with tighter patterns such as those in our Slimwoods Collection.

We make sure every frame that hangs on your wall looks absolutely amazing and gallery ready. Our ornate frames with large patterns are no exception. Here are some examples of what these frames look like at the corners and in rooms:

Pink Flower Photo in Ornate Gold Picture Frame in Sitting Room
RR2 Ornate Gold Picture Frame in Renaissance Collection
Family Photo in Silver Ornate Antique Style Picture Frame Above Fireplace Mantle
PAZ13 Ornate Antique Silver Picture Frame in Palazzo Collection

What is glazing?

Glazing refers to the strong sheet of clear acrylic that covers and protects your artwork once framed. We offer four types of acrylic fronts with foamcore backing to fit your individual needs.

  • Classic (Clear Acrylic and Foamcore Backing)

    Consists of a 3/16" thick foamcore backing board and "glass-like" 1/16" thick clear acrylic. This best seller is a classic finishing choice - perfect for artwork and photography of all kinds. Foamcore is a great choice because it has a higher level of protection for framed items than corrugated backing. Its white finish preserves the integrity of translucent artwork. It doubles as a dust cover thanks to its neat, clean appearance, and it works well for dry mounting objects to the backing.

  • Classic Non-Glare (Non-Glare Acrylic and Foamcore Backing)

    Includes all the same benefits as the Clear Acrylic option, but with one major distinction: the 1/16" thick non-glare acrylic cuts down the glare on items in direct light or near windows. Note: This finishing option should not be used with shadow boxes or presentations with more than one mat due to increased distortion.

  • Premium Heavy-Duty (Heavy-Duty Clear Acrylic and Foamcore Backing)

    Consists of a 3/16" thick foamcore backing board and "glass-like" 3/32" thick clear acrylic. This best seller is a classic finishing choice - perfect for larger artwork and photography and shadow box presentations. Foamcore is a great choice because it has a higher level of protection for framed items than corrugated backing. It doubles as a dust cover thanks to its neat, clean appearance. The smooth, white surface is ideal for dry mounting objects and preventing ripples in thin artwork.

  • Premium Archival (UV Protective Acrylic and Acid-Free Foamcore Backing)

    This framing option grants the best protection when preservation is the primary concern. Both the 3/16" thick, acid-free foamcore and the 3/32" thick UV protective acrylic helps guard an image against deterioration and fading - preserving your most treasured, irreplaceable items for generations. Perfect for: Vintage family photos, priceless artwork & historic and heirloom documents.

Do you sell glass?

We offer acrylic glazing instead of glass for most of our custom, ready-made and metal frames. Acrylic is shatter-proof, lightweight and provides the same level of clarity as framing glass. It also offers the same UV protection. Glass is only included in our all-inclusive presentations, available in the Photo Frames section of the website.

Why is acrylic glazing an additional charge?

In an effort to ensure minimal waste and to keep costs low, we enable our customers to order their frame components individually. Because many of our customers use our frames for their original paintings, which do not require acrylic glazing, we give our customers the option of having acrylic glazing included in their order whether they are framing an unstretched canvas, painting or ordering a print.

What is the blue film on my acrylic?

The blue film is a protective film on the acrylic to prevent scratches and other types of damage during shipping. Removal involves peeling the film off both sides of the acrylic glazing.

Why didn't my frame come with acrylic front or backing?

Our frames don’t automatically include acrylic glazing because not all artwork needs it. For example, the professional Artist community that we serve would not need acrylic for their canvas paintings because glazing would damage their work. So that's why we offer acrylic as a separate add-on item during the ordering process after you select your frame. We never want to send you something that you don't need because that would be wasteful. If you have questions about acrylic front or backing call 800-332-8884 and one of our Customer Care Advisors will help you out.

Do your frames come with a finishing kit?

Not all customers will need a finishing kit (the acrylic front and backing materials) with their frame purchase. In order to reduce waste, a finishing kit is an optional selection you may choose to add on to a frame.