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How to Easily Bring 2023 Decor Trends to Your Space

Feb 8, 2023

How to Bring 2023 Décor & Picture Frame Trends to Your Space

Feb 08, 2023 / Buzz, Decorate, Learn,

A new year means new chances to infuse your space with a fresh ambiance. And for 2023, it's safe to say we're all hungry for some change.

This year's trends bring us looks that ground us and reconnect our lives to nature's beguiling beauty; here are some ways you can incorporate them into your walls, rooms and more!


Rustic living space of the cottagecore style with wood print and large picture frame on wall

The idea of Cottagecore in home decor has not left our radar for 2023. This interior design concept evokes feelings of calmness, warmth and belonging. What adds more to the Cottagecore aesthetic, is what you place on your walls. Start with wood frames (the more natural the better), linen frames or look to 2023 colors of the year with green frames, where Savannah Green and North Sea Green are tops. Adding texture to your walls with canvas floaters, housing your treasured art pieces or canvas prints will bring this look full circle.

Rustic Vogue

Rustic vogue decor styled room with barnwood style picture frame on white brick wall

If you're looking for a style that says “earthy” with a kick, consider rustic vogue décor. It's basically cottagecore dressed up for a dinner party – pairing the organic imperfections of the outdoors with a more formal and sleek look.

The goal is to add the right amount of that “weathered” feel to your space, which our hand-distressed farmhouse picture frames are made for. On the other side of the style spectrum, antiqued ornate picture frames offer a worn look with patina wash that's both elegant and down to earth.


Mid century modern style room with wood picture frame on the wall

At some point, décor crosses the line from trendy to timeless, and when it comes to vintage style, we like to honor the things that stand the test of time. That feeling helps us feel more rooted where we live and work, which is why vintage is making yet another comeback.

Pay homage by pairing favorite vintage items with textures and colors that call back to a familiar age. Wood tones found in maple picture frames are great to use, and wood grain picture frames add ageless texture that's essential to incorporating this style.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Multi functional work and living space with modern decor

Remote work has fast become the norm for many of us. Suffice to say, we need to make the most out of our spaces as we're able. Thankfully, there are many ways to not only make things functional, but stylish and inviting as well.

The key is to keep things simple and make every piece count. Choose a few meaningful pieces to frame and place in readily visible places throughout the room. Metal picture frames help your pieces pop without overpowering any particular vibe.

Choose a frame that truly speaks to you for a game-changing appeal.


Woman drinking tea on her bed in front of a rustic barnwood picture frame

One of the best elements you can gain from any space is the sentiment of reconnection. You walk in, shake off the day, and find yourself immediately feeling more grounded. That's the aim of eco-chic: it takes us to the core of who we are by giving us a visceral Zen, connecting us to our planet in real ways.

Feel-good, sustainably sourced resources pair fabulously with natural colors like olive, sage, and gold. You can upcycle or repurpose pieces like real barnwood picture frames, sourced right from a farm across the country! Also, printed photos of nature on acrylic prints feel so vivid, it seems like you can reach out and touch each piece.

Viva Magenta

Dark grey bedroom wall with two yellow picture frames on it

Bold colors are in, and can be seen in all things interior design for 2023. Viva Magenta has made its appearance as this year's go-to color for inspiration. This bright, vibrant hue adds an eye-catching pop of color that can easily be used in a variety of ways. Picture frames are a great way to show off your art, photographs, and memories and when paired with Viva Magenta, they're sure to stand out. Adding purple frames to neutral walls, or accenting with gold frames on a bold wall will add contrast sure to spruce up your space! Canvas Floater frames with vivid art pieces and canvas frames with the like, are both excellent additions!


Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Well, it's kinda both. Bohemian style is gaining some ground in the trend talk, but the reality is it never really went out of style. It constantly evolves with particular tastes rather than lying dormant as time goes by. In other words, it's easy come, easy go, making the Boho style one that you can incorporate into your space with ease.

So let's get ready to mix it up! Bringing some vintage pieces into a modern space is gaining popularity for 2023. Boho is for the bold, after all. Fill your space with texture via wallpaper, linens and rugs, and a chunky ornate frame that feels antique. Uniquely shaped mirrors also reflect the Boho spirit and add extra lighting into the room. Combine one or all of these ideas, and you're on your way to something Galileo, figaro, magnifico!

1970s Inspiration

Go big and bright with a callback to one of interior design's most popular decades. Frame retro prints or abstract patterns in outspoken, bold colors (try our Fiesta Picture Frames collection), and you'll be uplifted every time you enter the room!

Also, chunky statement patterns are nicely enhanced by accents that take some of their more subtle colors, so perhaps incorporate frames that echo the fainter hues into the mix.

Minimalist & Sustainable

Thankfully, keeping a minimalist décor style in your space isn't about the bare minimum. It's all about focus.

The goal is to emphasize the things that matter most in your space. Like the Marie Kondo method of finding what “sparks joy” to you, a minimalist approach takes the best parts of your décor and makes those the star. Start with a single large framed print for your wall, and try matching the colors of the print to a few key pieces in your room. Use sharp lines for added clarity, limit your accessories to the ones that matter, and don't be afraid of adding some color accents.

Choosing décor made from sustainability sourced materials a mirrors the intentionality of the minimalist style, and is why they often go hand in hand. Upcycled wood fiber frames are made from wood that was once destined for the landfill and can be found in just about any style. So while you make your space look great, you can do some good for our environment.

Earth Tones

Natural-feeling, organic hues will settle and calm the body and mind this year. Cream and beige are safe to match whatever color scheme you choose – whether green, brown, or whatever brings you an overall natural look and feel that can always be updated throughout the year.

We'd absolutely love to see what you've dreamed up! We love inspiring others in our community with bright new ideas, so feel free to tag us on your creation on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #framingjoy, and we might just feature your creation! Happy decorating, and happy 2023.

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